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Woodstyles Products & Services

Woodstyles Woodworking in Saskatoon offers a variety of products and services to complete bannister builds for homes and businesses in all of Saskatchewan. We begin our services with a consultation and estimate, creating a custom design for the needs of your project.



Our woodworking team installs spindles as part of a complete bannister installations. We install spindles as part of a complete railing system or to fit your needs. Wood or metal, square or round are available. Glass is also available. We can cut spindles and railings to custom sizes and designs to meet the needs of your project.

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Our woodworking specialist install wood railings of any type and design to match your home’s décor. From simple, functional railings to elaborate, elegant options, our woodworking specialists will work with you from start to finish to create the perfect railings for every staircase in your home. Just some of our products options include hard maple, oak, cherry, walnut beachwood and hickory railings. We can manufacture any wood that is available through our suppliers. From the consultation until installation is complete, we work with you to create the railing design you’ve been looking for. The visual statement made by a fine hardwood handrail system is one of grand elegance, making any home that features our railing products feel like a luxury home.



We also install all types of wood posts for your interior staircases. Newel posts include standard, fluted, recessed panel, and raised box panel. Whether we are building your staircase from scratch or remodeling your staircase with new posts, our skilled carpenters can rise to the challenge of any staircase build.

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For customers who want to build their own bannister railing we offer separate supplies for do it yourself projects. This includes simple and elaborate wood spindle product designs, along with quarter turns, riser drops, offset, over ease/under ease, S parts and custom parts, handrails, and wall brackets.

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